Jeom-Goo Kim

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An open architecture manufacturing system pursues to integrate manufacturing components on a single platform. Therefore, a particular component can be easily added and/or replaced. In this paper, a modular and object-oriented approach for the PC-based open robot control system is investigated. A standard reference model for controlling robots, which(More)
  • Jeom-Goo Kim
  • 2011 International Conference on Information…
  • 2011
The expansion of the Internet has made web applications become a part of everyday life. As a result the number of incidents which exploit web application vulnerabilities are increasing. A large percentage of these incidents are SQL Injection attacks which are a serious security threat to databases with potentially sensitive information. Therefore, much(More)
A development and research for Distributed denial of service attack detection is underway. A statistical technique identified efficiently the normal packets and abnormal packets. In this paper several statistical techniques, using a mix of various offers a way to detect the attack. To verify the effectiveness of the proposed technique, it set packet(More)
SCTP (Stream Control Transmission Protocol) is a general-purpose transport protocol for IP network data communications. Due to its attractive features such as multi-streaming and multi-homing, SCTP has received much attention from the various network communities. This paper introduces the main features of SCTP, and presents a zone-based fairness control(More)
The security threat the individual organization and businesses are facing is mixture of malevolent techniques both in the physical and cyber space, and the targets are expanding in the wide areas, and also the range and level of damage is increasing rapidly and broadly. The preferable way to cope with these threats is to promote positive and continuous(More)
Typically, the information security system is a sort of load balancing one, so server must handle all the communication traffics in intranet system. The server and system easily can be unstable because of increased volume overloaded by an internal connection. The delay and even the network failure of system can occurs server down. To solve these problems,(More)
Most solutions focus on the home network security server management and gateway device certification. It is unrealistic where the most subjects are mobile users who want to control home network devices. Therefore minor and fast certification structures are needed to control other devices with mobile device that has lower computing capacity. To solve the(More)
Ad hoc wireless networks were considered to be the most suitable wireless communication system in order to support various applications in mobility environments. When providing real-time applications in ad hoc wireless networks, there are some requirements: i) the design of routing algorithm with packet delivery reliability while maintaining the established(More)
The method which research a standardization from real time cyber threat is finding the suspicious indication above the attack against cyber space include internet worm, virus and hacking using analysis the event of each security system through correlation with the critical point, and draft a general standardization plan through statistical analysis of this(More)