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Accurate distance measurement in 3D confocal microscopy is important for quantitative analysis, volume visualization and image restoration. However, axial distances can be distorted by both the point spread function (PSF) and by a refractive-index mismatch between the sample and immersion liquid, which are difficult to separate. Additionally, accurate(More)
  • A Coc, M Hernanz, J José, J.-P Thibaud
  • 2000
Gamma-ray emission from classical novae is dominated , during the first hours, by positron annihilation resulting from the beta decay of radioactive nuclei. The main contribution comes from the decay of 18 F and hence is directly related to 18 F formation during the outburst. A good knowledge of the nuclear reaction rates of production and destruction of 18(More)
The shield of the INTEGRAL spectrometer provides a large detection area with a wide field-of-view. Calculations have been performed to check whether the temporal analysis of the counting rate of the SPI anticoincidence allows the detection of explosions of novae. The background rate of the shield as well as its response to gamma-ray have been modelled with
This paper presents a novel method for jointly change detection and image registration over multitemporal Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) images. Image registration is performed based on histogram of unregistered images. Detecting the changes occur between the multitemporal images is performed based on the evolution of local statistics of the images. The(More)
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