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BACKGROUND Recent studies have reported a potential analgesic effect of botulinum toxin A (BTXA) in musculoskeletal pain. The present double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled, parallel clinical trial studied the effect of BTXA on pain from muscle trigger points and on EMG activity at rest and during voluntary contraction. METHODS Thirty patients with(More)
Mathematically, a Bayesian graphical model is a representation of the joint probability distribution for a set of variables. The most frequently used type of Bayesian graphical models are Bayesian networks, but other types exist and Bayesian networks can be seen as a special type of Chain Graphs (see the section on Chain Graphs). The structural part of a(More)
Received (to be inserted Revised by Publisher) Medical ultrasound imaging can be simulated realistically using linear acoustics. One of the most powerful approaches is to employ spatial impulse responses. Hereby both emitted elds and pulse-echo responses from point scatterers can be determined. Also any kind of dynamic focusing and apodization can be(More)
Inversion of local-area helioseismic time-distance data has so far only been done in the ray approximation (Kosovichev 1996). Since this is a high-frequency approximation its applicability can be questioned for the solar case. Bogdan (1997) showed that for a simple solar model the localized wave packets do follow, but are not connned to, the ray path. We(More)
A. 1988. Evolutionary relationships among lamprey families: Amino acid composition analysis of lactate dehydrogenase. Beamish, R.J. 1982. Lampetra macrostoma, a new species of freshwater parasitic lamprey from the west coast of Canada. Can. Beamish, R.J. 1985. Freshwater parasitic lamprey on Vancouver Island and a theory of the evolution of the freshwater(More)
  • Hans J Blommestein, Ove Sten, Jensen
  • 2010
* As part of its Borrowing Outlook, the OECD estimates gross short– term government borrowing requirements. The article concludes that all methods for measuring short-term borrowing needs studied here – except one – provide either significantly underestimated or substantially overestimated measures. The article therefore suggests adopting the following(More)
We address the IGARCH puzzle, by which we understand the fact that a GARCH(1,1) model fitted to virtually any financial dataset exhibit the property thatˆα + ˆ β is close to one. We do this by proving that if data is generated by a stochastic volatility model but fitted to a GARCH(1,1) model one would get thatˆα + ˆ β tends to one in probability as the(More)
We present weak lensing mass reconstructions for the 20 high-redshift clusters in the ESO Distant Cluster Survey. The weak lensing analysis was performed on deep, 3-color optical images taken with VLT/FORS2, using a composite galaxy catalog with separate shape estimators measured in each passband. We find that the EDisCS sample is composed primarily of(More)
E6 Silk et al. report that adult chimpanzees show no difference in their choices in a situation where one choice benefits a familiar conspe-cific and the other does not 1. From this, they conclude that chimpanzees are indifferent to the welfare of unrelated group members. But without additional data confirming that chimpanzees do choose differently in(More)