Jens W Kück

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An unusual, highly-strained annulated 2,2'-biimdazole was isolated as decomposition product of the outer-sphere one-electron oxidation of an iron(II) N-heterocyclic carbene (NHC) complex bearing a tetradentate bis(NHC)-bis- (pyridine) ligand (NCCN). Reductive elimination leading to the 2,2'-biimdazole is a consequence of the lability of the FeC bonds in(More)
This work examines the impact of axially coordinating additives on the electronic structure of a bioinspired octahedral low-spin iron(II) N-heterocyclic carbene (Fe-NHC) complex. Bearing two labile trans-acetonitrile ligands, the Fe-NHC complex, which is also an excellent oxidation catalyst, is prone to axial ligand exchange. Phosphine- and pyridine-based(More)
Organometallic Fe complexes with exceptionally high activities in homogeneous epoxidation catalysis are reported. The compounds display Fe(II) and Fe(III) oxidation states and bear a tetracarbene ligand. The more active catalyst exhibits activities up to 183 000 turnovers per hour at room temperature and turnover numbers of up to 4300 at -30 °C. For the(More)
Epoxidations are of high relevance in many organic syntheses, both in industry and academia. In this personal account, the development of rhenium, molybdenum, and iron complexes in molecular epoxidation catalysis is presented. Methyltrioxorhenium (MTO) is the benchmark catalyst for these reactions, with a thoroughly investigated mechanism and reactivity(More)
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