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BACKGROUND The course of viral hepatitis is thought to be affected by genetic host variability and, in particular, by genes of the major histocompatibility locus. Hepatitis A and B vaccination is a useful model to study the effect of host factors on the immune response to viral antigens. We aimed to assess the heritability of the HBsAg (anti-HBs) and(More)
The bone mineral density (BMD), the cross- links (PYD, DPD and NTx) and the bone specific alcaline phosphatase (BAP) was investigated in a cross-sectional study in 62 male patients with spinal cord injury (SCI), n = 28 short-term (0-1 year after SCI) and n = 34 long-term SCI patients (> 5 years after SCI). Knowledge about this parameters are necessary to(More)
This study explores the economic value of a routine varicella vaccination program for Germany. An age-structured decision analytic model was used to assess the benefits, costs and cost-effectiveness of an immunization program for a period of 30 years. Three interventions were compared with no vaccination: universal vaccination of around 15 months old(More)
Patients who undergo transplantation for hepatitis B virus (HBV)-related diseases are treated indefinitely with hepatitis B hyperimmunoglobulin (HBIG) to prevent endogenous HBV reinfection of the graft. Active immunization with standard hepatitis B vaccines in these patients has recently been reported with conflicting results. Two groups of 10 liver(More)
The influence of ciamexone on the activity and course of endocrine orbitopathy was investigated. Fifty-one patients with active orbitopathy classes II-VI were allocated randomly to two groups: over a period of six months, 26 patients received 300 mg/day ciamexone and 25 patients received placebo tablets. In both groups, prednisolone was administered in(More)
Smallpox vaccination with replication deficient vaccinia strains such as Modified Vaccinia Ankara (MVA) may induce protective immunity with improved safety and tolerability profiles compared with currently available smallpox vaccines. Ninety subjects were randomized equally to six groups in a partially blinded, randomized, controlled clinical trial.(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Acute otitis media (AOM) not only affects childhood quality of life (QoL), but can also affect parental QoL. We adapted a previously published questionnaire on the effect of childhood recurrent ear, nose and throat infections on parental QoL for use with AOM and used it in an observational, multicentre, prospective study of(More)
We conducted an epidemiological, observational cohort study to determine the incidence and complications of acute otitis media (AOM) in children aged <6 years. Data on physician-diagnosed AOM were collected from retrospective review of medical charts for the year preceding enrolment and then prospectively in the year following enrolment. The study included(More)
A Phase I trial was performed to investigate the safety and immunogenicity of the third generation smallpox vaccine MVA-BN (IMVAMUNE), a highly attenuated clone derived from the Modified Vaccinia Virus Ankara strain 571, in naive and pre-immunized subjects. A total of 86 healthy subjects received the vaccine in five groups using different doses and routes(More)