Jens-Uwe Sommer

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We study the segregation of two long chains from parallel but randomly twisted start conformations under good solvent conditions using Monte Carlo simulations to mimic chromatin segregation after replication in eukaryotic cells in the end of prophase. To measure the segregation process, we consider the center-of-mass separation between the two chains and(More)
Large-scale simulations of the swelling of a long N-mer in a melt of chemically identical P-mers are used to investigate a discrepancy between theory and experiments. Classical theory predicts an increase of probe chain size R ∼ P(-0.18) with decreasing degree of polymerization P of melt chains in the range of 1 < P < N(1/2). However, both experiment and(More)
We study the dynamics of tethered chains of length N on adsorbing surfaces, considering the dilute case; for this we use the bond fluctuation model and scaling concepts. In particular, we focus on the mean-square displacement of single monomers and of the center of mass of the chains. The characteristic time tau of the fluctuations of a free chain in a good(More)
A mean-field model is developed to predict the layer-thickness of sparse and salt-free polyelectrolyte brushes, exposed to an external electric field, which attracts the polyelectrolytes to the substrate. In molecular dynamics simulations, it is shown that a fraction of polymers collapses entirely to screen the charge of the substrate. The remaining brushes(More)
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