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Frequency-dependent microphone directionality alters the spectral shape of sound as a function of arrival azimuth. The influence of this on horizontal-plane localization performance was investigated. Using a 360 degrees loudspeaker array and five stimuli with different spectral characteristics, localization performance was measured on 21 hearing-impaired(More)
BACKGROUND Candida albicans infection has been proposed to cause a chronic hypersensitivity syndrome characterized by fatigue, premenstrual tension, gastrointestinal symptoms, and depression. Long-term antifungal therapy has been advocated as treatment for the syndrome, which is most often diagnosed in women with persistent or recurrent candida vaginitis.(More)
In an effort to determine the most effective clinical teaching behaviors of clinical teachers or preceptors in individual or small group settings, investigators at the University of North Carolina and the University of Alabama developed an instrument to survey all clinical medical students at the two institutions. This process resulted in a compilation of(More)