Jens Strackeljan

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Preface EUNITE is a European Network of scientists at universities and in industry; it is supported by the European Union with the objective of forming a network of excellence. EUNITE is dedicated to improvements in intelligent and adaptable systems. Smart adaptive systems are adaptive systems developed with the aid of Intelligent Technologies including(More)
Data preprocessing and a careful selection of the training and classification method are key steps for building a predictive model with high performance. Here, we present the approach used for training and classification in our solutions submitted to the 2005 GfKl Data Mining Competition. The initial step of data preprocessing is described in the first part(More)
During the last decades there has been an increasing interest to develop engineering tools inspired by the human immune system are called Artificial Immune Systems (AIS). The immune system, with its cell diversity and variety of information processing mechanisms, is a cognitive system of complexity comparable to the brain. Understanding the way this organ(More)
During the last decades, there has been an increasing interest to develop engineering tools inspired by the human immune system. There are also many publications available that discuss artificial immune systems applications, including robotics, optimization, control, computer science and other disciplines. This paper presents an application of the(More)
Biological processes and methods have been influencing science and technology for many decades. The ideas of feedback and control processes Norbert Wiener used in his cybernetics were based on observation of these phenomena in biological systems. Artificial intelligence and intelligent systems have been fundamentally interested in the phenomenology of(More)
The contribution deals with a new holistic approach on the process simulation of Rotary Friction Welding (RFW). The main focus in this regard is on the proper determination of process parameters for new pairs of weld partners in a complete virtual manner. Basis of the simulation is a Car-reau fluid material law coupled with the heat transfer problem. The(More)
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