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The AEC sector is in a transition phase through out Europe. Demands for cost effective production methods and proactive interaction with end-users set new goals for productivity and force the stakeholders inside the construction industry to develop new collaboration paths. In many countries, a Partnering model has been introduced which invites client,(More)
Communication during the design process has a substantial role because; it exchanges messages and conveys ideas to people with different skills and interests. Also, the development of high quality 3D modelling, photo rendering and VR software has shifted the way we communicate architecture, from a conventional one to a digital format and so, provided us(More)
The construction industry is faced with a dilemma that until, and even while, building is in progress some problems are not foreseen and this has impact on the handover time to the customer. This invariably implies default and penalty clauses that affect the profitability and the ROI (return of investment) for the builder. As building realization(More)
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