Jens Schumacher

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In interactive graphics it is often necessary to introduce large changes in the image in response to updated information about the state of the system. Updating the local state immediately would lead to a sudden transient change in the image, which could be perceptually disruptive. However, introducing the correction gradually using smoothing operations(More)
Nowadays, in a hotly competitive environment, companies are continuously trying to provide products and/or services to customers faster, cheaper, and better than the competitors do. Managers have learned that they cannot do it alone; rather, they must work on a cooperative basis with other organizations in order to succeed. Although the resulting enterprise(More)
Modifications of product life cycles, company structures and information flows alter the requirements for logistic processes. Logistic processes are facing new challenges. These developments are caused through the evolution of virtual organisations and the increasing maturity of new ICT technologies like RFID and ubiquitous computing. The rising complexity(More)
Sensitivity to many visual stimuli, and, in particular, image displacement, is reduced during a change in fixation (saccade) compared to when the eye is still. In these experiments, we studied the sensitivity of observers to ecologically relevant image translations of large, complex, real world scenes either during horizontal saccades or during fixation. In(More)
Sensitive Goods (i.e. fruits, vegetables, paper rolls, cellulose) need a special treatment in a logistic environment. For this reason the logistic processes have to be planned in consideration of special transportation conditions. In this context, the existence of possible hazards and chances has to be regarded. In order to handle the existing risks of(More)
Complex logistic systems and autonomous logistic objects are more fault-prone than previously assumed. The reason for this is the interaction between the quantity of autonomous entities which leads to incalculable states on a local and a system level. In this context, the existence of possible hazards and chances has to be regarded. In order to handle the(More)
BACKGROUND Abnormal uterine bleeding is often investigated in clinical studies and critical to identify during gynecological consultation. The current standard for quantification of menstrual blood loss is the alkaline-hematin-method. However, this method is expensive and inconvenient for patients. Bleeding diaries, although widely used, provide only(More)
Intelligent logistic objects with the ability of autonomous control are a possibility to face new challenges in dynamic logistic systems. On the other hand autonomy of logistic entities poses new questions to the underlying logistic system. In this paper we will focus on the possibilities of reducing the objective and subjective drawbacks of autonomy in(More)