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Eight young adult male volunteers with a basic (alimentary) plasma boric acid concentration of less than 0.10 - 0.46 mg/l were given a single dose of boric acid (562-611 mg) by 20 min IV infusion. The plasma concentration curves, followed for 3 days, best fitted a three-compartment open model, although two subjects had to be left out due to inconstant basal(More)
Using an in vitro technique it has been demonstrated that water-emulsifying and hydrophobic ointments containing boric acid liberate only minute amounts (1-6%) within 24 h compared with the nearly total liberation from a jelly. When an amount of boric acid containing ointment is swallowed, the absorption is only slightly delayed compared with a similar(More)
In order to evaluate the effect of intraprostatic spiral and subsequent transurethral prostatectomy (TURP) on obstructive benign prostatic hyperplasia, 9 men were evaluated with symptom scores and urodynamic studies at inclusion after 4 months of spiral treatment and 4 months after TURP. Six patients in a control group were evaluated at inclusion after an(More)
The aim of this study was to determine the tensile strength and the elasticity of the tunica albuginea (TA), and describe morphological structures in the tissue before and after mechanical deformities. Twenty cadavers of men aged between 33 and 83 were examined. Cavernosometry was performed in all specimens. Afterwards in five cadavers the flow rate was(More)
INTRODUCTION A new type of questionnaire for BPH, the DAN-PSS symptom score system, was used in an attempt to predict infravesical obstruction determined by pressure-flow study. PATIENTS AND METHODS In 50 consecutive patients a reliable questionnaire and a pressure-flow was obtained. RESULTS Almost none of the unobstructed patients had a total(More)
OBJECTIVE The present study was performed both to investigate whether there might be a difference between the selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors, (SSRIs) with regard to the incidence of withdrawal reactions, and to describe the associated symptoms. From the WHO database, therefore, all case reports from the year of introduction for each of the SSRIs,(More)
OBJECTIVE To validate the Danish Prostatic Symptom Score (DAN-PSS-1), a self-administered quality-of-life questionnaire comprising 12 questions related to voiding problems and the perceived bother of each individual symptom. METHODS Using published results from several comparisons of other symptom scoring systems with DAN-PSS-1, the test-retest(More)
The effect of short- and long-term treatment with imipramine and lithium on shock stress-induced escape failures in a shuttlebox (the "learned helplessness" model of depression) was investigated in rats. Acetylcholinesterase (AChE) activity was measured in the frontal cortex, hippocampus and striatum after the shuttlebox test. Imipramine was found to(More)
In the WHO data base, visual disorders reported spontaneously with omeprazole, ranitidine and cimetidine, are very rare in the context of the widespread use of these drugs. There is a maximum reporting rate of severe visual impairment possibly ascribed to i.v. omeprazole of 0.94 reports per million treatment days in one year and in one country, Germany.(More)
Memokath (Engineers & Doctors A/S, Hornbaek, Denmark) is a new intraprostatic spiral composed of titanium nickel alloy with shape memory effect. We describe the use of this spiral in 30 consecutive patients with prostatic outflow obstruction. Their median age was 79 years and all were either in a high risk group for surgery or had refused surgery. The(More)