Jens Rydgren

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BACKGROUND Research suggests that the growing prevalence of obesity may be related to the influence of the health behaviours of peers. We look at clustering of exercise and eating behaviours amongst a previously unstudied group, young adults in Sweden. Previous research has mainly been conducted in the United States and Britain, countries that have(More)
AIMS The aim of the present study was to examine the association between friendship networks and psychological well-being among 19-year-olds. METHODS The data used was a random sample of Swedish individuals born in 1990 who answered a questionnaire in 2009-2010. Friendship networks were considered in terms of three measures of emotional support. Six(More)
A large number of studies have shown that friends' smoking behavior is strongly associated with an individual's own risk for smoking. However, few studies have examined whether other features of social networks, independently or conjointly with friends' smoking behavior, may influence the risk for smoking. Because it is characterized by the growing(More)
BACKGROUND The importance of supportive social relationships for psychological well-being has been previously recognized, but the direction of associations between both dimensions and how they evolve when adolescents enter adulthood have scarcely been addressed. The present study aims to examine the gender-specific associations between self-reported(More)
INTRODUCTION Approximately half of the 11.7 million Mexico-born persons in the United States today are estimated to be undocumented (Passel et al. 2012). 1 The dramatic growth, and remarkable persistence, of the undocumented population from Mexico is surprising given several changes to U.S. immigration policy that have attempted to stem its flow over the(More)
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