Jens Pottebaum

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The application of event processing methods and systems carries high potential for the domain of crisis management and emergency response for different use cases and architectural aspects. This hypothesis is based on the general event based characteristics of the domain as well as former research approaches. Resource management represents a complex task for(More)
The management of resources is a great challenge for commanders in Search and Rescue operations and has a strong impact on all areas of operation control, as command-and-communication structure, geo-referenced information, and operational tasks are interconnected with complex relations. During an operation these are subject to dynamic changes. For an(More)
This paper presents the EU project SHARE which aims at developing a mobile service architecture to support large-scale rescue operations with multimedia communication and information services. The task of planning and controlling large-scale rescue operations requires flexible and robust tools which help the rescue forces to do their search and rescue work(More)
The focus of this paper is ontology-based knowledge management in the framework of a mobile communication and information system for rescue operation management. We present a novel ontology data service, combining prior domain knowledge about large-scale rescue operations with dynamic information about a developing operation. We also discuss the integration(More)
The need for intelligent resource management (IRM) spans across a multitude of applications. To address this requirement, we present EP-IRM, an event processing system recognising composite events given multiple sources of information in order to support IRM. EP-IRM has been deployed in two real-world applications. Moreover, with a small effort it may be(More)
Feuerwehr-Führungskräfte benötigen fundierte Informationen um in einer Schadenslage Entscheidungen für lebensrettende und zeitkritische Maßnahmen treffen zu können. Unterschiedliche Forschungsanstrengungen sind in diesem Bereich unternommen worden. Die vorliegende Arbeit skizziert einen Ansatz zum Interaktiven Ressourcenmanagement (IRM) und nimmt eine(More)
Training is a prerequisite for effective and efficient emergency response and management. Information technology (IT) offers high potential to support various educational methods and environments. One example for interdependent use cases is given by planning, controlling, observation and debriefing of training exercises. Dedicated IT systems are available(More)