Jens Pohl

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  • Petra Seemann, Anja Brehm, Jana König, Carsten Reissner, Sigmar Stricker, Pia Kuss +14 others
  • 2009
Signaling output of bone morphogenetic proteins (BMPs) is determined by two sets of opposing interactions, one with heterotetrameric complexes of cell surface receptors, the other with secreted antagonists that act as ligand traps. We identified two mutations (N445K,T) in patients with multiple synostosis syndrome (SYM1) in the BMP-related ligand GDF5.(More)
  • Frank Plöger, Petra Seemann, Mareen Schmidt-von Kegler, Katarina Lehmann, Jörg Seidel, Klaus W Kjaer +2 others
  • 2008
We investigated a family with a brachydactyly type A2 and identified a heterozygous arginine to glutamine (R380Q) substitution in the growth/differentiation factor 5 (GDF5) in all affected individuals. The observed mutation is located at the processing site of the protein, at which the GDF5 precursor is thought to be cleaved releasing the mature molecule(More)
It is often lamented that we human beings are suffering from an information overload. This is a myth; as shown in Fig.1, there is no information overload. Instead, we are suffering from a data overload. The confusion between data and information is not readily apparent and requires further explanation. Unorganized data are voluminous but of very little(More)
This report provides an overview description of the Integrated Cooperative Decision-Making (ICDM) software toolkit for the development of intelligent decision-support applications. More technical descriptions of ICDM are contained in a companion CDM Technical Report (CDM-18-04) entitled: 'The ICDM Development Toolkit: Technical Description'. ICDM is an(More)