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Signaling output of bone morphogenetic proteins (BMPs) is determined by two sets of opposing interactions, one with heterotetrameric complexes of cell surface receptors, the other with secreted antagonists that act as ligand traps. We identified two mutations (N445K,T) in patients with multiple synostosis syndrome (SYM1) in the BMP-related ligand GDF5.(More)
This report describes work performed by the Collaborative Agent Design Research Center (CADRC) over the past several years in the design and implementation of collaborative, computer-based, decision-support systems, mostly for military applications. In these systems multiple components, either program modules or separate processes (i.e., software agents),(More)
Expression of the dopaminergic neurotrophin GDF-5 in developing rat ventral mesencephalon (VM) was found to begin at embryonic day (E) 12 and peak on E14, when dopaminergic neurones undergo terminal differentiation. In the adult rat, GDF-5 was found to be restricted to heart and brain, being expressed in many areas of the brain, including striatum and(More)
Single-vehicle roadway departure (SVRD) accidents occur in many cases owing to driver distraction or drowsiness constituting a substantial share of today's road vehicle accidents and casualties. This paper describes a distraction-based lane-keeping support system, which intervenes only when the driver is positively detected as being distracted. Distraction(More)
This report describes work performed by the Collaborative Agent Design Research Center for the US Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory (MCWL), on the IMMACCS experimental decision-support system. IMMACCS (Integrated Marine Multi-Agent Command and Control System) incorporates three fundamental concepts that distinguish it from existing (i.e., legacy) command(More)
For the past 20 years the US military services have suffered under the limitations of stove-piped computer software applications that function as discrete entities within a fragmented data-processing environment. Lack of interoperability has been identified by numerous think tanks, advisory boards, and studies, as the primary information systems problem (e.(More)
We investigated a family with a brachydactyly type A2 and identified a heterozygous arginine to glutamine (R380Q) substitution in the growth/differentiation factor 5 (GDF5) in all affected individuals. The observed mutation is located at the processing site of the protein, at which the GDF5 precursor is thought to be cleaved releasing the mature molecule(More)