Jens Pfau

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Generating animation content can be tedious and result in " messed-up " code. We present a Java API that can be used for generating AnimalScript-based animations. It was designed to be extendable to other output formats, such as SVG or other scripting languages. Apart from describing the use of the API, we also show a concrete example that was generated(More)
Within service-oriented architectures, components need to discover and interact with suitable services, which in turn can be mapped to particular subtasks. Similarly, in online social communities users may wish to discover information related to a particular interest that matches their personal preferences. These tasks are difficult when the number of(More)
Hatha Yoga's effects on the posture of 15 ten year-old children and also its effects on the psychophysical condition of 15 grown-ups was studied. As symptoms, during the first examination, 12 of the 15 children had head protrusion, 14 had shortened back extensors, all 15 had bent shoulders, relaxation of the frontal abdominal wall and shortened flexors of(More)
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