Jens Peters

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The application of biochar as a soil amendment is a potential strategy for carbon sequestration. In this paper, a slow pyrolysis system for generating heat and biochar from lignocellulosic energy crops is simulated and its life-cycle performance compared with that of direct biomass combustion. The use of the char as biochar is also contrasted with(More)
The government of the German state of North-Rhine West-phalia is considering the creation of a statewide long-term repository for digital content from the cultural heritage domain, which at the same time will act as a pre-aggregator for the Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek and the Europeana. The following describes a software architecture that relies(More)
Resource depletion aspects are repeatedly used as an argument for a shift towards new battery technologies. However, whether serious shortages due to the increased demand for traction and stationary batteries can actually be expected is subject to an ongoing discussion. In order to identify the principal drivers of resource depletion for battery production,(More)
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