Jens Peter Konnerup Kampmann

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UNLABELLED The study was conducted to determine age and sex stratified normal values for 24-h ambulatory blood pressure. A sample of 352 healthy subjects (all white) were randomly selected from the community register and stratified by sex and age groups in decades from 20 to 79 years of age. Persons with a history of hypertension, cerebral apoplexy,(More)
A number of randomised studies indicate that a single high dose of aminoglycoside every 24 h may be more efficient and less toxic than the same dose divided into multiple daily doses. In the meta-analysis of 16 studies described here, which included more than 1200 patients, the relative chance (i.e. the relative risk, RR) of cure of the single-dose regime(More)
The influence on the metabolism of phenytoin of some sulfonamides given in common clinical doses has been studied. In single dose experiments sulfaphenazole increased phenytoin half-life (T/2) by 237% and decreased phenytoin metabolic clearance rate (MCR) by 67%. Sulfadiazine, sulfamethiazole, sulfamethoxazole + trimethoprim and trimethoprim increased(More)
The half-life and metabolic clearance rate (MCR) of antipyrine and phenytoin were determined in 14 young (mean age: 28.8 +/- 8.3 (SD) years] and in 14 elderly [mean age: 83.5 +/- 7.1 (SD) years] subjects and correlated with liver volume, which was determined by ultrasonic scanning, to see if an age-dependent difference in drug metabolism could be explained(More)
Organic antithyroid drugs used today include propylthiouracil and the mercaptoimidazolines, carbimazole and methimazole. They can be measured with accuracy and in small quantities in serum by gas-liquid chromatography, high performance liquid chromatography and radio-immunoassay. Bioavailability of these drugs varies from 80 to 95%. During absorption(More)
The influence of sulfamethizole on the metabolism of diphenylhydatoin (DPH) tolbutamide, and warefarian is examined. In 8 patients DPH means half-life (T/2) increased from 11.8 plus or minus 3.6 hr to 19.6 plus or minus 5.2 hr and mean metabolic clearance rate (MCR) decreased from 43.7 plus or minus 16,8 to 28.1 plus or minus 9.1 ml/min durus or minus 1.2(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the extent and composition of pharmaceutical industry representatives' marketing techniques with a particular focus on drug sampling in relation to drug age. DESIGN A group of 47 GPs prospectively collected data on drug promotional activities during a six-month period, and a sub-sample of 10 GPs furthermore recorded the(More)
It is universally stated that antithyroid drugs are concentrated in human milk and are thus contraindicated during breast-feeding. We recently showed, however, that propylthiouracil (PTU) was not concentrated in milk and a study has now been made of the excretion of another widely used antithyroid drug carbimazole (CMI) in human milk. Methimazole (MMI) in(More)