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Membrane proteins can deform the lipid bilayer in which they are embedded. If the bilayer is treated as an elastic medium, then these deformations will generate elastic interactions between the proteins. The interaction between a single pair is repulsive. However, for three or more proteins, we show that there are nonpairwise forces whose magnitude is(More)
The elastic interaction of membrane inclusions provides one of the simplest physical realizations of multibody forces. Here we show how the cross-sectional shape of the inclusion greatly changes the character of the interaction, and illustrates a pattern formation mechanism. The formalism provides a transparent framework for modeling bilayer-inclusion(More)
The development of innovative terahertz (THz) imaging systems has recently moved in the focus of scientific efforts due to the ability to screen substances through textiles or plastics. The invention of THz imaging systems with high spatial resolution is of increasing interest for applications in the realms of quality control, spectroscopy in dusty(More)
We designed and implemented a gradient index metasurface for in-plane focusing of confined terahertz (THz) surface waves. We measured the spatial propagation of the surface waves by two-dimensional mapping of the complex electric field using a THz near-field spectroscope. The surface waves were focused to a diameter of 500 μm after a focal length of(More)
We demonstrate a terahertz time-domain spectroscope for spatially resolved pump-probe experiments which are based on terahertz probe pulse generation with a photo-conductive switch synchronized to the pump pulse generation of a nanosecond laser. The accessible pump-probe delay ranges from 600 ps up to 200 μs. The spatial resolution of the spectroscope is(More)
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