Jens Nørkaer Sørensen

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Our previous mathematical model of solute-coupled water transport through the intestinal epithelium is extended for dealing with electrolytes rather than electroneutral solutes. A 3Na+-2K+ pump in the lateral membranes provides the energy-requiring step for driving transjunctional and translateral flows of water across the epithelium with recirculation of(More)
Crisphead lettuce (Lactuca sativa L. var capitata cvs. Marius and Saladin) were grown with a nitrogen supply from 50 to 200 kg N/hectare. Heads were stored for one or two weeks at 1 degree C in cold storage or ice bank cooling. Samples were taken for measurement of dry matter, sugars, vitamin C and nitrate. The content of dry matter, sugars (glucose,(More)
The marketable and nutritional quality of crisphead lettuce as affected by nitrogen supply, cultivar, and plant age at harvest was investigated in six plantings during 1989 and 1990. The optimum yield of marketable heads was obtained at a total nitrogen supply of 150 kg N per ha although only small differences were observed to the yield at 100 and 200 kg(More)
Storage of crisphead lettuce was carried out at 1 degrees C in an ordinary cold storage room and in an ice bank cooling system. The plants were grown at three plantings at 50, 100, 150 and 200 kg total nitrogen supply per hectare and harvested at two or three different plant ages. The cultivars used were 'Marius' and 'Saladin'. The aim of the experiment was(More)
Crisphead lettuce was cultivated under different growth conditions. Sixteen batches differed in time of planting (early and late), total nitrogen supply (200 kg N/ha, 150 kg N/ha, 100 kg N/ha, 50 kg N/ha) and time of harvest (early and late). Based on chemical analysis and balance studies on rats the nutritive value of each 16 batches was determined. The(More)
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