Jens Nørkær Sørensen

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abstract We have hypothesized that a major role of the apical H ϩ-pump in mitochondria-rich (MR) cells of amphibian skin is to energize active uptake of Cl Ϫ via an apical Cl Ϫ /HCO 3 Ϫ-exchanger. The activity of the H ϩ pump was studied by monitoring mucosal [H ϩ ]-profiles with a pH-sensitive microelectrode. With gluconate as mu-cosal anion, pH adjacent(More)
A mathematical model of an absorbing leaky epithelium is developed for analysis of solute coupled water transport. The non-charged driving solute diffuses into cells and is pumped from cells into the lateral intercellular space (lis). All membranes contain water channels with the solute passing those of tight junction and interspace basement membrane by(More)
We propose algorithms for developing (1) a rigid (constrained) and (2) a exible planetary gearbox model. The two methods are compared against each other and advantages/disadvantages of each method are discussed. The rigid model (1) has gear tooth reaction forces expressed by Lagrange multipliers. The exible approach (2) is being compared with the gear tooth(More)
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