Jens Muller

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Complex dynamical systems establish offer entirely new possibilities to the development of groundbreaking data processing methods. In the domains of image and video processing, locally coupled cellular array computers, based on Cellular Nonlinear Networks (CNN), accelerate the computation of large amounts of data in real-time, due to their inherent concept(More)
A novel massively-parallel fine-grain architecture featuring a digital emulation of Cellular Nonlinear Networks (CNN) is presented. A virtual cellular network is processed line-by-line by a locally connected linear array of processing elements. The resulting computing system is able to execute complex CNN program code consisting of consecutive operations.(More)
In this contribution we present a CNN video processing system that takes full advantage of a digital CNN Universal Machine (CNN-UM) using the recently-introduced NERO architecture. The proposed system is fully configurable in terms of network size and data precision. Using a Xilinx Zynq-7000 SoC we implemented a network of 512 × 900 cells at 8 bit,(More)
Emulations of cellular nonlinear networks (CNN) on digital reconfigurable hardware have proved to be adequate for highly-efficient computation of massive data, exceeding the accuracy and flexibility of full-custom designs. Based on a recently-proposed architecture for the emulation of a large-scale CNN universal machine, a new real-time video processing(More)
In this contribution, we present an algorithm aimed at the correction of a movement artifact in thermographic images recorded during neurosurgery. It is based on Cellular Nonlinear Networks (CNN) and was designed as a first step towards a platform capable of providing intraoperative feedback to a surgeon.
In this demonstration a 640 × 480p video processing system is presented, taking advantage of the massively parallel processing architecture NERO to emulate CNN dynamics. The system has been implemented on a development board featuring a Xilinx Zynq SoC and is capable of processing complex CNN algorithms, as will be shown in several examples.
Emulations of cellular nonlinear networks on digital reconfigurable hardware are renowned for an efficient computation of massive data, exceeding the accuracy and flexibility of full-custom designs. In this contribution, a digital implementation with polynomial coupling weight functions is proposed for the first time, establishing novel fields of(More)
A Computer-Aided-Test (CAT) platform has been integrated in the Cadence Design Framework Environment for the evaluation of analogue/mixed-signal/RF Built-In-Self-Test (BIST) techniques. It comprises tools for statistical modelling of circuit performances, fault simulation, test generation and test optimization. The fault modelling and fault injection tools(More)
The idea of a paperless office has been dreamed of for more than three decades. However, nowadays printers are still one of the most essential devices for daily work and common Internet users. Instead of removing them, printers evolved from simple devices into complex network computer systems, installed directly into company networks, and carrying(More)