Jens Muehlsteff

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Neurally mediated syncope (NMS) patients suffer from sudden loss of consciousness, which is associated with a high rate of falls and hospitalization. NMS negatively impacts a subject's quality of life and is a growing cost issue in our aging society, as its incidence increases with age. In this paper, we present a solution for prediction of NMS, which is(More)
Bioimpedance measurements on the human thorax are suitable for assessment of body composition or hemodynamic parameters, such as stroke volume; they are non-invasive, easy in application and inexpensive. When targeting personal healthcare scenarios, the technology can be integrated into textiles to increase ease, comfort and coverage of measurements.(More)
Pulse detection via palpation is a basic and essential procedure in daily medical practice. We have been investigating the performance of a single accelerometer placed above the carotid artery, which is one of the recommended locations for manual palpation. A low-cost sensor attached by an adhesive measures accelerations due to carotid dilatations and whole(More)
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