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BACKGROUND Long-term postoperative cognitive dysfunction may occur in the elderly. Age may be a risk factor and hypoxaemia and arterial hypotension causative factors. We investigated these hypotheses in an international multicentre study. METHODS 1218 patients aged at least 60 years completed neuropsychological tests before and 1 week and 3 months after(More)
Postoperative cognitive function (POCD) has been subject to extensive research. In the literature, large differences are apparent in methodology such as the test batteries, the interval between sessions, the endpoints to be analysed, statistical methods, and how neuropsychological deficits are defined. Traditionally, intelligence tests or tests developed(More)
In testing for the self-serving bias in performance evaluation, the authors propose that comparing managers' counterfactual and prefactual thoughts about subordinates' performance is more conclusive than the attributional approach and also offers practical advantages. In a study with 120 managers, a 4-way interaction of subordinate performance, temporal(More)
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