Jens Modrof

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Ebola virus VP30 is an essential activator of viral transcription. In viral particles, VP30 is closely associated with the nucleocapsid complex. A conspicuous structural feature of VP30 is an unconventional zinc-binding Cys(3)-His motif comprising amino acids 68 to 95. By using a colorimetric zinc-binding assay we found that the VP30-specific Cys(3)-His(More)
In bluetongue virus (BTV)-infected cells, large cytoplasmic aggregates are formed, termed viral inclusion bodies (VIBs), which are believed to be the sites of viral replication and morphogenesis. The BTV nonstructural protein NS2 is the major component of VIBs. NS2 undergoes intracellular phosphorylation and possesses a strong single-stranded RNA binding(More)
This study investigated the association of ongoing West Nile virus (WNV) infections with neutralizing antibody titers in US plasma-derived intravenous immune globulin released during 2003-2008. Titers correlated closely with the prevalence of past WNV infection in blood donors, with 2008 lots indicating a prevalence of 1%.
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