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The present study addresses phonological processing in children with developmental dyslexia. Following the hypothesis of a core deficit of assembled phonology in dyslexia a set of hierarchically structured tasks was applied that specifically control for different kinds of phonological coding (assembled versus addressed phonological strategies). Seventeen(More)
In an ERP study, German sentences were investigated that contain a case-ambiguous NP that may be assigned accusative or dative case. Sentences were disambiguated by the verb in final position of the sentence. As our data show, sentences ending in a verb that assigns dative case to the ambiguous NP elicit a clear garden-path effect. The garden-path effect(More)
The detection of novel events and their identification is a basic prerequisite in a rapidly changing environment. Recently, the processing of novelty has been shown to rely on the hippocampus and to be associated with activity in reward-related areas. The present study investigated the influence of spatial attention on neural processing of novel relative to(More)
Attentional selection can be based on spatial locations, non-spatial stimulus features, or entire objects as integrated feature ensembles. Several studies reported attentional modulations in those regions that process the constituent features of the presented stimuli. Here we employed functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to directly compare the(More)
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