Jens Kubacki

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This paper introduces Care-O-bot<sup>®</sup> 3, a highly integrated and compact service robot with manipulation, navigation and vision capabilities. In particular, Care-O-bot<sup>®</sup> 3 combines the best of available technology including a 7 DOF light-weight arm, an omnidirectional platform and many high-end sensors along with a sustainable, end user(More)
In order to infer intent from gesture, a broad classification of types of gestures into five main classes is introduced. The classification is intended as a generally applicable basis for incorporating the understanding of gesture into human-robot interaction (HRI). Examples from humanrobot interaction show the need to take into account not only the(More)
Robot companions need to be able to constantly acquire knowledge about new objects for instance in order to detect them in the environment. This ability is necessary since it is hard to predict what objects the robot may face in the operation phase during development. This paper presents ideas and results on two topics. The first topic is on the design of(More)
The results of surgical treatment of 195 metacarpo-phalangeal joints in 132 rheumatoid patients were evaluated. The indications for each of three operative methods were presented with clinical assessment and Larsen, Dahle, Eek scale of radiological changes taken into consideration. The results of 137 synovectomies, 32 joint replacements and 24(More)
In 1976-1987 synovectomy was performed in 537 knee joints in 459 patients. Rehabilitation should be performed before and after operation. The used rehabilitation, with respect to early and late synovectomy, was evaluated. The obtained results of early rehabilitation are a stimulus for the use of the adopted method of treatment.
The aim of this paper was to relate time of the ossification center appearance and development stage according to Graf. Retrospective analysis included 4546 sonograms in children from 1 to 6 months of age and 1252 sonograms in 313 healthy newborns. An earlier appearance of the ossification center was found in females (7 weeks against 10 weeks of life in(More)