Jens Kristoffersen

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Six metacarpo-phalangeal joints of adult horses were studied. Pressure measurements were made in the joint and the metacarpal bone with simultaneous measurement of the systemic arterial blood pressure. Investigations performed to study the effect of joint position on juxta-articular bone marrow pressure showed that an increase in joint flexion was always(More)
Sertindole's propensity to prolong the QT interval relates to blockade of the KCNH2 (HERG) encoded Ikr potassium channel, but there has been limited detailed data on T-wave morphology changes. Digital 12-lead ECG was recorded at baseline and at steady-state in 37 patients switched to sertindole. ECG was analyzed for quantitative T-wave morphology changes(More)
Forty-three rescuers responding to a bus crash that killed 12 children and 4 adults and injured many more answered questionnaires at 1 and 13 months following the crash. This study compared the responses of the voluntary and professional helpers, using the Impact of Event Scale (IES) and the General Health Questionnaire (GHQ). For all helpers taken(More)
Psychotic depression is frequent among hospitalized patients diagnosed with major depression. Patients diagnosed with this type of depression display a number of specific characteristics. They have a higher risk of suicidal behaviour, they have a prolonged and more severe clinical picture and subsequently they have an increased risk of relapse. Studies show(More)
Joint mice in the horse is a wellknown condition, but during the last years diagnosed with increasing frequency. Ethiology and prognosis thus become of major interest. 53 cases of mice in the fetlock are examined and divided in 3 groups on the basis of localization and appearance. On one group characterised by a localization in the plantar aspect of the(More)
The intravenous injection into rats of dextran (average MW 70,000) 10 mg/100 g caused marked hypotension after a delay of about 5 minutes. Blood samples collected by cardiac puncture at this time were tested for the amounts of prekallikrein activator (PKA) and kallikrein after acetone- and then kaolin activation of the plasminogen-free plasma. PKA was(More)