Jens Krösche

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Through recent developments in the segment of mobile devices like personal digital assistants (PDA) the usage of mobile applications in different areas of our normal life increases. New applications support mobile users with location-aware information. But today’s systems are not usable for all: there still exist various barriers for blind and visually(More)
In this paper, we present the Niccimon platform for the flexible and rapid development of location-aware mobile applications. The platform features a modular system design which provides application-independent modules that provide functionality for tasks typically needed in mobile applications such as location-sensing, locationvisualization, presentation(More)
In this short paper, we present a location aware mobile game which lets users play a paper chase game on a mobile device. By using their physical movement and location in the real world's space the players navigate in the virtual paper chase game and solve riddles on their way. The game is realized as a hypermedia document in which geo-referenced hyperlinks(More)
Today, most mobile applications use geo-referenced points of interest (POIs) on location-based maps to call the user’s attention to interesting spots in the surroundings. The presentation of both, maps and POIs, is commonly location-based but not yet adapted to the individual user’s needs and situation. To foster the user’s information perception by(More)
When traveling and visiting new places, tourists are mobile as they wander around and follow tours through cities and landscapes. Location-based mobile systems today typically provide and deliver the the same information to all users which however does not necessarily meet the individual user’s needs. In the presented approach, we aim to address the(More)
The latest achievements in the field of mobile networks and ubiquitous computing enable the integration and combination of technologies like Internet, Java, and multimedia in a new kind of application that employs distribution, wireless networking, localisation, and movement---mobile location-aware multimedia games. The approach presented is an innovative(More)
We present a novel context acquisition and management middleware for mobile phones based on Qt (C++ based cross-plattform API) for S60 called mSense. In our middleware, sensor nodes encapsulate platform level APIs for seamlessly accessing hardware sensors, simulated sensors or web services. Aggregators (channels) combine information from other nodes to(More)