Jens Kohlmeyer

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We define a formal semantics of the combined use of UML 2 state machines, activities and interactions using Abstract State Machines. The behaviour of software models can henceforth be specified by composing these diagrams, choosing the most adequate formalism at each level of abstraction. We present several reasonable ways to link different kinds of(More)
— The Model Driven Development propagates facilitation of modification and maintenance of software. Abstraction and graphical formalization combined with code generation indeed facilitates the Unanticipated Software Evolution , but is often restricted to early phases of software development. Usually, only class stubs are generated from class diagrams. We(More)
— We present an approach to Model Driven Development that combines models and code in a new way. UML 2 activity diagrams created for modeling control flows during analysis and design are seamlessly reused for the implementation phase. A model interpreter executes these diagrams and calls handwritten code at specific points. The degree of functionality(More)
Informationssysteme werden oftmals in einer Schichtenarchitektur reali-siert, die Datenbank-und Anwendungscode zur besseren¨Ubersicht, Wartung und Ver-teilung trennt. Dennoch ist es nicht möglich, den Anwendungscode vollkommen frei von Datenbankaspekten zu halten, da oftmals auch die Synchronisation auf dieser Ebe-ne erfolgen muss. Um eine vollständige(More)
OBJECTIVE Somatosensory evoked potentials (SSEPs) could be suitable for elucidating the properties of synaptic potentials (SPs). Two experiments were designed for this purpose. METHODS 1st experiment: the sural nerve was stimulated in 13 subjects with single or trains of 3 stimuli (1Hz or 0.4Hz), the within train interstimulus interval (ISI) was stepwise(More)
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