Jens Klæstrup Kristensen

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This paper presents a new method for mapping multi-floor buildings. The method combines laser range sensor for metric mapping and barometric pressure sensor for detecting floor transitions and map segmentation. We exploit the fact that the barometric pressure is a function of the elevation, and it varies between different floors. The method is tested with a(More)
In the recent decades much research has been performed in order to allow better control of arc welding processes, but the success has been limited, and the vast majority of the industrial structural welding work is therefore still being made manually. Closed-loop and nearly-closed-loop control of the processes requires the extraction of characteristic(More)
Visual sensing in arc welding has become more and more important, but still remains challenging because of the harsh environment with extremely strong illumination from the arc. This paper presents a low-cost camera-based sensor system, without using external Illumination, but nevertheless able to sense and model the weld pool. Central is a carefully(More)
Visual sensing in arc welding has become more and more important. However, it has remained a challenging problem due to the harsh environment, especially the interference of the extremely strong arc light. A typical industrial solution for seam detection is to use laser scanner which however still suffers from several limitations. Solutions for weld pool(More)
Detecting the shape of the non-rigid molten metal during welding, so-called weld pool visual sensing, is one of the central tasks for automating arc welding processes. It is challenging due to the strong interference of the high-intensity arc light and spatters as well as the lack of robust approaches to detect and represent the shape of the nonrigid weld(More)
This video presents a practical navigation scheme for indoor mobile robots using hybrid maps. The method makes use of metric maps for local navigation and a topological map for global path planning. Metric maps are generated as occupancy grids by a laser range finder to represent local information about partial areas. The global topological map is used to(More)
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