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—The statistics of the signal quality due to first-order polarization mode dispersion (PMD) in uncompensated systems is analyzed. First, the probability density function (pdf) of the eye-opening penalty (EOP) due to first-order PMD is presented. Based on an analytical relation between factor and EOP, the pdf of the factor is determined. By integration of(More)
—To improve the networking flexibility in the metropolitan and access area, the granularity in the optical domain has to be increased above that in the core network requiring more channels at lower bit rates. Pure dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) as it is applied in the core does not seem to meet this requirement at affordable cost. We propose(More)
Since CMOS GSM-radio-transceiver are established on the market a few years ago the next evolutionary step is a complete GSM/GPRS baseband-RF-SoC integration. It promises lowest production cost, easiest board integration and the highest flexibility in system optimization. However, crosstalk from digital into analog and RF blocks is a severe constraint. In(More)
Nowadays CMOS Baseband-radios for GSM/GPRS application are running in high-volume production. The next step for higher integration is the integration of the Power-Management Unit (PMU) and extending the functionality towards EDGE capabilities. This extended integration promises lower production cost, easier board design and the highest flexibility in system(More)
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