Jens Kettner

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Two virulent strains ofBotrytis cinerea Pers., one of them (Bc 6) producing abscisic acid (ABA) via 1′,4′-trans-diol-ABA in defined liquid culture, and a second strain (Bc 9) without the ability to form ABA or its fungal precursor, and two near-isogenic lines of tomato were used to study the biosynthesis and metabolism of ABA in infected isolated leaves.(More)
Recombinant DNA technology has delivered the prospect of a new generation of preparations for allergen-specific immunotherapy. The first clinical studies with recombinant allergens have yielded encouraging results, suggesting that there is a good chance that such preparations will become available for use in the routine management of allergic disease.
BACKGROUND Recently we reported the validation of the "Allergy-Control-SCORE© (ACS)" which assesses symptom severity as well as medication use on three dimensions lung, nose and eyes. The aim of this study was to test the validity of the score for eyes and nose. METHODS One-hundred-twenty-one consenting subjects (age 19-65y), including 81 patients with(More)
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