Jens Jelitto

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In this paper a novel link adaptation algorithm is proposed that is capable of adjusting the transmit power level and the data rate jointly to the radio channel conditions. The proposed method relies solely on link quality information available at the transmitter by employing the reception or non-reception of the acknowledgment frames as a measure of the(More)
In a tape system, the core of the reel-to-reel and track-following servomechanisms is the servo channel, which processes the servo signal read back by a servo reader reading a timing-based servo pattern. The servo channel estimates essential servo parameters, such as tape velocity, head lateral position and longitudinal tape position. The achievable(More)
Space-time receivers for wireless communication systems offer the possibility to have both TXand RX-antennas. For a realistic simulation of such systems, a multiple input multiple output (MIMO) spatial channel model is required which reasonably characterizes the spaceand time-variant effects of the mobile radio channel. This paper describes a space-time(More)
The high random and sequential I/O requirements of contemplated workloads could serve as impetus to move faster towards storage-class memory (SCM), a technology that will blur the distinction between memory and storage. On the other hand, the volume of digital data being produced is increasing at an ever accelerating pace. Recent technology demonstrations(More)
recording areal densities to 100 Gb/in A. J. Argumedo D. Berman R. G. Biskeborn G. Cherubini R. D. Cideciyan E. Eleftheriou W. Häberle D. J. Hellman R. Hutchins W. Imaino J. Jelitto K. Judd P.-O. Jubert M. A. Lantz G. M. McClelland T. Mittelholzer C. Narayan S. Ölçer P. J. Seger We examine the issue of scaling magnetic tape-recording to higher areal(More)
The simulation of wireless communication systems with multiple antennas requires a spatial channel model which reasonably characterizes the space and time variant effects of the mobile radio channel. This paper describes a vector channel model with stochastic fading simulation, which combines several advantages from purely stochastic and geometrical channel(More)