Jens Hoefkens

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Ordinary differential equations (ODEs), including high-order implicit equations, describe important problems in mechanical and chemical engineering. However, the use of self-validated methods providing rigorous enclosures of the solution has mostly been limited to explicit and weakly nonlinear problems, and no general-purpose algorithm for the validated(More)
The integration and analysis of large datasets in translational research has become an increasingly challenging problem. We propose a collaborative approach to integrate established data management platforms with existing analytical systems to fill the hole in the value chain between data collection and data exploitation. Our proposal in particular ensures(More)
Chlamydomonas reinhardtii accumulates lipids under complete nutrient starvation conditions while overall growth in biomass stops. In order to better understand biochemical changes under nutrient deprivation that maintain production of algal biomass, we used a lipidomic assay for analyzing the temporal regulation of the composition of complex lipids in C.(More)
Introduction Michigan State University (MSU) began using the Internet to deliver instructional programs to an international audience in 1995. Since then MSU became one of the leading " cyber universities " in the United States. Today, students from around the world attend MSU's Virtual University [1], and our Beam Physics M.Sc. and Ph.D. On-line Degree(More)
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