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Saudi Arabia's War in Yemen: No Exit Strategy
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Muhammad ʿAbd al-Malik al-Mutawakkil: A Political Biography
Muhammad ʿAbd al-Malik al-Mutawakkil (1942-2014), professor of political science at Sanaa University, deputy secretary-general of the Union of Popular Forces, and pioneer of the human rights movementExpand
Contesting the Monopoly of Interpretation: The Uneasy Relationship between Ulama and Sunni Parties in Yemen
Abstract Most studies on Sunni Islamism either neglect ulama or portray them as basically diverging from the Islamist movement. Unlike their Islamist counterparts who are contenders for politicalExpand
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Opposition dynamism under authoritarianism: the case of Yemen, 1994–2011
ABSTRACT In contrast to the empirical conditions in large parts of the authoritarian world, the systematic literature on political opposition under authoritarianism either treats the opposition as aExpand
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