Jens Harlander

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We show that any finitely generated metabelian group can be embedded in a metabelian group of type F 3. More generally, we prove that if n is a positive integer and Q is a finitely generated abelian group, then any finitely generated ZQ-module can be embedded in a module that is n-tame. Combining with standard facts, the F 3 embedding theorem follows from(More)
The following individuals read and discussed the thesis submitted by student Bailey Ann Ross, and they evaluated her presentation and response to questions during the final oral examination. They found that the student passed the final oral examination. ABSTRACT The genus of a graph is the minimal genus of a surface into which the graph can be embedded.(More)
Using stably free non-free relation modules we construct an infinite collection of 2–dimensional homotopy types, each of Euler-characteristic one and with trefoil fundamental group. This provides an affirmative answer to a question asked by Berridge and Dunwoody [1]. We also give new examples of exotic relation modules. We show that the relation module(More)
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