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OBJECTIVE Whole-cell (WC) modeling is a promising tool for biological research, bioengineering, and medicine. However, substantial work remains to create accurate comprehensive models of complex cells. METHODS We organized the 2015 Whole-Cell Modeling Summer School to teach WC modeling and evaluate the need for new WC modeling standards and software by(More)
Phase and microstructure investigations of boron nitride thin films by spectroscopic ellipsometry in the visible and infrared spectral range" (1997). Faculty Publications from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. 64. Spectroscopic ellipsometry over the spectral range from 700 to 3000 cm Ϫ1 and from 1.5 to 3.5 eV is used to simultaneously(More)
UNLABELLED : SBtab is a table-based data format for Systems Biology, designed to support automated data integration and model building. It uses the structure of spreadsheets and defines conventions for table structure, controlled vocabularies and semantic annotations. The format comes with predefined table types for experimental data and SBML-compliant(More)
In this paper we deal with the problem of distance computation between static or dynamic objects, which is an important problem when dealing with the effects of collisions in the context of physically based modeling to obtain a fast numerical integration of the underlying ordinary differential equation. We use an implicit formulation of the (potential)(More)
Data tables in the form of spreadsheets or delimited text files are the most utilised data format in Systems Biology. However, they are often not sufficiently structured and lack clear naming conventions that would be required for modelling. We propose the SBtab format as an attempt to establish an easy-to-use table format that is both flexible and clearly(More)
Lipid metabolism is essential for all major cell functions and has recently gained increasing attention in research and health studies. However, mathematical modeling by means of classical approaches such as stoichiometric networks and ordinary differential equation systems has not yet provided satisfactory insights, due to the complexity of lipid(More)
Systems Biology is an approach to biology and medicine that has the potential to lead to a better understanding of how biological properties emerge from the interaction of genes, proteins, molecules, cells and organisms. The approach aims at elucidating how these interactions govern biological function by employing experimental data, mathematical models and(More)
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