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The data on arachnoid cysts in children (0–15 years) operated upon between 1980 and 1988 were analysed in a retrospective, co-operative study. The results from 285 patients indicate a predominance of these lesions in boys (64%) more than girls (36%) and a mean age of 6 years at onset of symptoms. Focal EEG patterns corresponding to the cyst's location were(More)
A total of 911 Danish children under 15 years of age were treated for an intracranial tumour in the 25-five year period 1960–1984. All cases were followed up to the end of 1994 or to emigration or death if one of these came sooner. The mean annual incidence was 32.5 per million children with a slight increase over the 25 years. The male/female ratio was(More)
BACKGROUND Over years, surgical training is changing and years of tradition are being challenged by legal and ethical concerns for patient safety, work hour restrictions, and the cost of operating room time. Surgical simulation and skill training offer an opportunity to teach and practice advanced techniques before attempting them on patients. Simulation(More)
Medulloblastoma is a common paediatric brain tumour, located in the cerebellum and in the IV ventricle, surpassed in frequency only by astrocytomas. 180 children below the age of 15 with a medulloblastoma of the posterior fossa were treated in Denmark in the 25-year period from 1960 to 1984 and followed up until the end of 1996, or until death. During the(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate a selective implantable drop foot stimulator (ActiGait) in terms of effect on walking and safety. DESIGN A phase II trial in which a consecutive sample of participants acted as their own controls. SUBJECTS People who had suffered a stroke at least 6 months prior to recruitment and had a drop-foot that affected walking were(More)
A rare case of papilledema associated with a large sacral intraspinal cyst is described in a 34-year-old male. Symptoms were aggravated by heavy work and consisted of low back pain, headache, dizziness and episodic vomiting. Papilledema was observed on ophthalmological examination. A valvular mechanism was found to exist between the normal spinal sac and(More)
In the County of Fyn, Denmark, which is a well-delimited region comprising a 10% representative sample of the total population, ten complete one year cohorts of newborn were scrutinized for neural tube defects (NTD). Among 66,000 births, 71 cases with NTD were observed. The total prevalence at birth was 1.08/1,000; 0.29 for anencephaly; 0.20 for(More)