Jens Haase

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For diagnosis, intervention planning, and medical education it is common to extract surface models from clinical tomography data. Surface extraction suffers from various effects of medical imaging, segmentation, and surface extraction techniques which cause visual disturbing surface artifacts (e.g. stairs, plateaus). Basic mesh smoothing algorithms for such(More)
We study frequent pattern mining from positional data streams. Existing approaches require discretised data to identify atomic events and are not applicable in our continuous setting. We propose an efficient trajectory-based preprocessing to identify similar movements and a distributed pattern mining algorithm to identify frequent trajec-tories. We(More)
Virtual reality systems seems to be useful for training the use of brain spatulas without damaging brain tissue but the success of such a system is dependant on the human ability to discriminate pressures applied with the spatula. This paper describes an experiment designed to explore some central issues related to this ability: are surgeons better than(More)
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