Jens Haag

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In this study, a class of dynamic models based on metabolic reaction pathways is analyzed, showing that systems with complex intracellular reaction networks can be represented by macroscopic reactions relating extracellular components only. Based on rigorous assumptions, the model reduction procedure is systematic and allows an equivalent 'input-output'(More)
Dynamic mathematical models in biotechnology require, besides the information about the stoichiometry of the biological reaction system, knowledge about the reaction kinetics. Modulation phenomena like limitation, inhibition and activation occur in different forms of competition with the key enzymes responsible for the respective metabolic reaction steps.(More)
Supporting students with feedback and guidance while they work on networking exercises can be provided in on-campus universities by human course advisors. A shortcoming however is that these advisors are not continuously available for the students, especially when students are working on exercises independently from the university, e.g. at home using a(More)
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