Jens H. Weber

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By the early 1990s the need for reengineering legacy systems was already acute, but recently the demand has increased significantly with the shift toward web-based user interfaces. The demand by all business sectors to adapt their information systems to the Web has created a tremendous need for methods, tools, and infrastructures to evolve and exploit(More)
A large number of metrics have been proposed for measuring properties of object-oriented software such as size, inheritance, cohesion and coupling. We have been investigating which of these object-oriented metrics can be used as significant predictors for the maintainability of software. For this purpose, we have designed and conducted an empirical study(More)
Tokenization is an important component of language processing yet there is no widely accepted tokenization method for English texts, including biomedical texts. Other than rule based techniques, tokenization in the biomedical domain has been regarded as a classification task. Biomedical classifier-based tokenizers either split or join textual objects(More)
Confidentiality, the protection of unauthorized disclosure of information, plays an important role in information security of software systems. Security researchers have developed numerous approaches on how to implement confidentiality, typically based on cryptographic algorithms and tight access control. However, less work has been done on defining(More)
Object-oriented technology has become mature enough to satisfy many new requirements coming from areas like computer-aided design (CAD), computer-integrated manufacturing (CIM), or software engineering (SE). However, a competitive information management infrastructure often demands to merge data from CAD-, CIM-, or SE-systems with business data stored in a(More)
BACKGROUND Personal Health Records (PHRs) are electronic health records controlled, shared or maintained by patients to support patient centered care. The potential for PHRs to transform health care is significant; however, PHRs do not always achieve their potential. One reason for this may be that not all health conditions are sensitive to the PHR as an(More)
An important barrier to the widespread dissemination of clinical decision support (CDS) is the heterogeneity of information models and terminologies used across healthcare institutions, health information systems, and CDS resources such as knowledge bases. To address this problem, the Health Level 7 (HL7) Virtual Medical Record project (an open,(More)