Jens Gravesen

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We analyze the class of surfaces which are equipped with rational support functions. Any rational support function can be decomposed into a symmetric (even) and an antisymmetric (odd) part. We analyze certain geometric properties of surfaces with odd and even rational support functions. In particular it is shown that odd rational support functions(More)
Before isogeometric analysis can be applied to solving a partial differential equation posed over some physical domain, one needs to construct a valid parametrization of the geometry. The accuracy of the analysis is affected by the quality of the parametrization. The challenge of computing and maintaining a valid geometry parametrization is particularly(More)
The classical invariant theory from the 19th century is used to determine a complete system of 3rd order invariants on a surface in three-space. The invariant ring has 18 generators and the ideal of syzygies has 65 generators. The invariants are expressed as polynomials in the components of the first fundamental form, the second fundamental form and the(More)
This paper studies shapes (curves and surfaces) which can be described by (piecewise) polynomial support functions. The class of these shapes is closed under convolutions, offsetting, rotations and translations. We give a geometric discussion of these shapes and present methods for the approximation of general curves and surfaces by them. Based on the rich(More)
Given a smooth surface patch we construct an approximating piecewise linear structure. More precisely, we produce a mesh for which virtually all vertices have valency three. We present two methods for the construction of meshes whose facets are tangent to the original surface. These two methods can deal with elliptic and hyperbolic surfaces, respectively.(More)
This paper deals with isogeometric analysis of the 2-dimensional, steady state, incompressible Navier-Stokes equation subjected to Dirichlet boundary conditions. We present a detailed description of the numerical method used to solve the boundary value problem. Numerical infsup stability tests for the simplified Stokes problem confirm the existence of many(More)
Robust and efficient methods for dealing with offset curves and surfaces are one of the major challenges in Computer Aided Design. Offset to (piecewise) rational curves and surfaces (i.e., NURBS) are not rational and need to be approximated. Also, singularities and self–intersections can easily be generated and have to be dealt with [Mae]. Certain subsets(More)