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An introduction to the ITU standard language Message Sequence Chart (MSC) is provided. It is pointed out that MSC in many respects is complementary to the ITU specii-cation and design language SDL. MSC in combination with SDL or other languages, now plays a role in nearly all stages of the system development process. Since MSC has been standardized in the(More)
UML models focus primarily on the definition of system structure and behaviour, but provide only limited means for describing test objectives and test procedures. However, with the approach towards system engineering with automated code generation, the need for solid conformance testing has increased. In June 2001, an OMG Request For Proposal (RFP) on an(More)
This paper gives an overview of the main concepts and features of the new testing language TTCN version 3 (TTCN-3). TTCN-3 is a complete new testing language built from a textual core notation on which a number of different presentation formats are possible. This makes TTCN-3 quite universal and application independent. One of the standardised presentation(More)
Due to increasing demands from companies and standardisation bodies, Telelogic AB and the University of L ubeck started a research and development project in October 1996 which aims at improving the validation and, especially, the automatic test generation facilities of the SDT/ITEX tool set. The project is driven by practical experiences and practical(More)
Carrier-grade networks of the future are currently being standardized and designed under the umbrella name of Next Generation Network (NGN). The goal of NGN is to provide a more flexible network infrastructure that supports not just data and voice traffic routing, but also higher level services and interfaces for third-party enhancements. Within this paper,(More)
Due to an increasing interest in SDL, MSC and TTCN based tools for validation and test generation, Telelogic AB, Malmm o, and the Institute for Telematics of the University of L ubeck are cooperating in a research and development project aiming at bringing new test generation facilities to the Tau tool set. For that purpose, a software component has been(More)
Autolink is a tool for automatic test generation. It allows to generate TTCN test suites based on a given SDL specification and MSC requirements. The first big challenge for Autolink was the creation of a test suite for the Intelligent Network Application Protocol at ETSI. In this paper we discuss our experience in applying Autolink to a real-life protocol(More)