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An introduction to the ITU standard language Message Sequence Chart (MSC) is provided. It is pointed out that MSC in many respects is complementary to the ITU specii-cation and design language SDL. MSC in combination with SDL or other languages, now plays a role in nearly all stages of the system development process. Since MSC has been standardized in the(More)
UML models focus primarily on the definition of system structure and behaviour, but provide only limited means for describing test objectives and test procedures. However, with the approach towards system engineering with automated code generation, the need for solid conformance testing has increased. In June 2001, an OMG Request For Proposal (RFP) on an(More)
This paper gives an overview of the main concepts and features of the new testing language TTCN version 3 (TTCN-3). TTCN-3 is a complete new testing language built from a textual core notation on which a number of different presentation formats are possible. This makes TTCN-3 quite universal and application independent. One of the standardised presentation(More)
Due to increasing demands from companies and standardisation bodies, Telelogic AB and the University of L ubeck started a research and development project in October 1996 which aims at improving the validation and, especially, the automatic test generation facilities of the SDT/ITEX tool set. The project is driven by practical experiences and practical(More)
The test generation method SaMsTaG (SDL and MSC based test case generation) has been applied successfully to the B-ISDN ATM Adaption Layer protocol SSCOP (Service Speciic Connection Oriented Protocol). For approximately 70% of the identiied test purposes complete TTCN test cases have been generated automatically. In this paper we describe the experiment,(More)
This paper presents a new test case generation method based on formal system speciica-tions in SDL. The test purpose of a speciic test case is speciied formally by one or many Message Sequence Charts (MSCs). Based on the test purpose and the system speciica-tion a complete test case can be generated automatically in the TTCN format, including preamble,(More)
MSC is a trace language which in its graphical form admits a particularly intuitive representation of system runs in distributed systems while focusing on the message interchange between communicating entities and their environment. For the rst time the MSC recommendation Z.120 (MSC'92) was approved at the ITU meeting Geneva 1992. A new revised MSC(More)