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In the present study, 51 apparently normal volunteers and 34 clinically established coronary heart disease cases were studied. 21 out of 51 normal, and 16 out 34 coronary heart disease cases were cigarette smokers. The cases were divided in two age groups--20 to 40 years, the younger age group and 41 to 60 years, the older age group. Total serum cholesterol(More)
Ten new coordination polymers of the general compositions ∞²[Ln(III)(tfBDC)(NO3)(DMF)2]·DMF with Ln(III) = Eu(3+) (1), Gd(3+) (2), Tb(3+) (3), Ho(3+) (4), Tm(3+) (5), ∞²[Ln(III)(tfBDC)(CH3COO)(FA)3]·3FA with Ln(III) = Sm(3+) (6), Eu(3+) (7) and ∞²[Ln(III)(tfBDC)(NO3)(DMSO)2] with Ln(III) = Ho(3+) (8), Er(3+) (9) and Tm(3+) (10) were synthesized and(More)
An experimental, placebo-controlled study with rabbits was conducted to determine the role of Abana, an Ayurvedic preparation, on atherosclerosis. The results showed that Abana arrested the rise in TC, LDLc and VLDLc when administered along with an atherogenic diet for 60 days. In another phase of the study, when Abana was given from days 60-120 to rabbits(More)
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