Jens Georg Schmidt

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Malformations of the midface can be treated by distraction osteogenesis, i.e. cutting bones and pulling them into the right position. We present a computational toolchain helping to predict the effects of the surgery on the soft tissue displacement. An initial raw CT image is segmented and transformed into a geometric head model, which is used for virtual(More)
GEMSS is a European project that aims at providing high performance medical simulation services in a distributed and grid computing environment. The GEMSS grid middleware is designed using web services technologies and standards and provides support for authorization, workflow, security, Quality of Service aspects. In this work, one of the GEMSS(More)
The European GEMSS Project 1 is concerned with the creation of medical Grid service prototypes and their evaluation in a secure service-oriented infrastructure for distributed on-demand super-computing-the GEMSS test-bed. The medical prototype applications include maxillo-facial surgery simulation, neuro-surgery support, radio-surgery planning, inhaled(More)
The first part of this paper presents a selection of medical simulation applications, including image reconstruction, near real-time registration for neuro-surgery, enhanced dose distribution calculation for radio-therapy, inhaled drug delivery prediction, plastic surgery planning and cardio-vascular system simulation. The latter two topics are discussed in(More)
In the reconstruction of complex craniofacial malfor-mations CAD-CAM procedures could help generating alloplastic implants to achieve almost optimal esthetic results. Complementary to the existing CAD-CAM techniques in the cranial vault region or modeling procedures in unilateral defects, these techniques are introduced to bilaterally affected skulls in(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe the clinical effects of amantadine and propranolol in an agitated pediatric patient with cognitive deficits, hyperactivity, and hypersexualism secondary to "shaken-baby syndrome." BACKGROUND Patients with shaken-baby syndrome can present with cognitive and behavioral impairments. CASE A 9-year-old girl presented with cognitive(More)
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