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Cerebral aneurysms are a multi-factorial disease with severe consequences. A core part of the European project @neurIST was the physical characterization of aneurysms to find candidate risk factors associated with aneurysm rupture. The project investigated measures based on morphological, haemodynamic and aneurysm wall structure analyses for more than 300(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the effectiveness of routine ultrasound scanning in pregnancy by a meta-analysis of various outcome measures. DESIGN Meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials evaluating the effect of routine ultrasound scanning on perinatal mortality and morbidity. Live birth rate (that is, live births per pregnancy) is included as a measure of(More)
The present study investigated the relative slip resistance of commercially available non-slip socks during gait. Twenty-four healthy subjects (29.3±10.4 years) participated in the study. Each subject completed 4 different test conditions (barefoot, non-slip socks, conventional socks, backless slippers) in a randomized, balanced order. The slip resistance(More)
Malformations of the midface can be treated by distraction osteogenesis, i.e. cutting bones and pulling them into the right position. We present a computational toolchain helping to predict the effects of the surgery on the soft tissue displacement. An initial raw CT image is segmented and transformed into a geometric head model, which is used for virtual(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe the implementation and results of a perioperative antibiotic prophylaxis (PAP) program. DESIGN A protocol for correct use of PAP was implemented in December 1994. For selected months we measured the PAP protocol compliance of a random sample of clean and clean-contaminated procedures and calculated the cost of incorrect use of PAP.(More)
GEMSS is a European project that aims at providing high performance medical simulation services in a distributed and grid computing environment. The GEMSS grid middleware is designed using web services technologies and standards and provides support for authorization, workflow, security, Quality of Service aspects. In this work, one of the GEMSS(More)
The European GEMSS Project 1 is concerned with the creation of medical Grid service prototypes and their evaluation in a secure service-oriented infrastructure for distributed on-demand super-computing-the GEMSS test-bed. The medical prototype applications include maxillo-facial surgery simulation, neuro-surgery support, radio-surgery planning, inhaled(More)
A research program has applied the tools of synthetic organic chemistry to systematically modify the structure of DNA and RNA oligonucleotides to learn more about the chemical principles underlying their ability to store and transmit genetic information. Oligonucleotides (as opposed to nucleosides) have long been overlooked by synthetic organic chemists as(More)
The first part of this paper presents a selection of medical simulation applications, including image reconstruction, near real-time registration for neuro-surgery, enhanced dose distribution calculation for radio-therapy, inhaled drug delivery prediction, plastic surgery planning and cardio-vascular system simulation. The latter two topics are discussed in(More)