Jens Geelhaar

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In this paper, we describe the project; Hide&SEEK, which creates opportunities for cultural knowledge transfer through a street game experience. The game narrative is based on the concept of sharing place-based knowledge where participants assume the role of either Guest or Host of the story. The Host creates a personalized adventure route through a(More)
In this article we introduce " fingies "-a rapid prototyping framework for " Internet of Things " (IoT) applications based on the Arduino Yún connected to hybrid sensors and actors. The hybrid sensors and actors are composed of silk-screen printed electronic circuits combined with conventional electronic parts, Surface Mounted Device (SMD) sensors and(More)
The studio deals with the potential of printed electronics as a way to embed electronic functionalities into everyday physical objects. Inspired by children educational toys we present a toolkit for experimenting with printed electronics and their tangible applications. It is an experimental prototyping platform for printed electronics that can be combined(More)
Phonorama is a sonar-like mobile application that uses audio hotspots bound to specific geo-locations. Decreasing the distance to the audio source increases the volume. The addition of direction indicators enable rich and immediate, immersive audio-only spatial explorations: The direction of the audio hotspot source relative to the user's location is(More)
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