Jens Gaab

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Dysregulations of the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis have been discussed as a physiological substrate of chronic pain and fatigue. The aim of the study was to investigate possible dysregulations of the HPA axis in chronic whiplash-associated disorder (WAD). In 20 patients with chronic WAD and 20 healthy controls, awakening cortisol responses as(More)
Research on the use of serious games to support child and adolescent mental health interventions is in its early stages. Work is needed to provide evidence of the applicability and effectiveness of using such games in teaching children skills needed to overcome their behavioral and emotional problems. The present study adds to the knowledge in this area(More)
Meditation improves executive functions such as attention and working memory processes. However, it remains unclear to what extent contextual effects contribute to these improvements, since the role of meditation-associated expectations has not been investigated so far. In a randomized, single-blind, deceptive, between-subject design we compared the impact(More)
UNLABELLED Expectations and beliefs shape the experience of pain. This is most evident in context-induced, placebo analgesia, which has recently been shown to interact with the trait of magical thinking (MT) in adults. In children, placebo analgesia and the possible roles that MT and gender might play as modulators of placebo analgesia have remained(More)
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