Jens G. Jensen

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The purpose of the EDG Storage Element (SE) is to provide a uniform Grid interface to mass storage systems. We needed an extensible and flexible architecture, and chose one based on message processing. Not only has this architecture provided a solid framework for meeting changing requirements, it also provides scope for building an extensible and scalable(More)
Epidural analgesia is accepted as a good and effective method of analgesia in labor. The method is, however subject to a variety of complications, the worst being life long sequelae and death. The article presents a survey of the complications of bupivacaine epidural analgesia in labour and state prophylactic measures and treatments. The existing literature(More)
A study is presented of 500 outpatient abortions performed with paracervical anesthesia before the 12th week of pregnancy. After tests and consultation, 20 mg diazepam was given im 1 hour before the operation. A paracervical blockade was established with 5 ml Carbocainnoradrenalin 1% applied to each of the 4 quadrants. After 10 minutes the cervical canal(More)