Jens Erik Jorgensen

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The objective of this study was to translate the Foot Function Index (FFI) for use in Danish-speaking patients with foot complaints. The FFI consists of 23 items scored on a numeric rating scale from 0 to 10. The 23 items are grouped into three subscales: pain (nine items), activity limitation (five items), and disability (nine items). The Danish FFI was(More)
The Learning Factory integrates a practice-based curriculum and advanced manufacturing facilities. Its goal is to provide a new engineering educational experience that emphasizes the interdependency of design and manufacturing in a business environment. The Learning Factory offers a new approach to engineering education by providing balance between(More)
  • J E Jorgensen
  • 1992
Because of the high prevalence of dental disease and consequent need for dental care in the elderly, dentists are in frequent contact with the elderly, thus providing an opportunity for realizing their social obligation to become more involved in diagnosing and reducing elder abuse. Current estimates of the incidence of elder abuse in the US indicate that(More)
One of the driving factors to revitalize standard textbook engineering curriculum is with the integration of multimedia courseware. Traditional textbook learning is one component for learning a subject, lab projects provide students with hands-on experience, but multimedia can synthesize and expand the learning process. The MEEP project philosophy is on(More)
Product dissection and benchmarking are processes commonly employed in industry to improve product design, produce superior performance and product quality. The process, when applied in an undergraduate academic setting, can improve the process of teaching design. It has been applied to teach undergraduate mechanical engineering students at the Junior(More)
Instrumentation was developed to apply controlled biaxial (normal and shear) forces to the skin of a human or animal subject. The instrument mimicked any reference waveform within the constraints of a bandwidth of 15 Hz, a maximum force of 20 N, and displacement ranges of 15 mm for the normal direction and 18 mm for the shear direction. Two shaker motors,(More)
The Learning Factory is a facility that supports product realization within a new practice based, engineering curriculum. The curriculum has been developed and adopted by the participating universities of the Manufacturing Engineering Education Partnership (MEEP). This partnership is a unique collaboration of three major universities with strong engineering(More)
 The Learning Factory is an industry-university partnership to produce world-class engineers by integrating design, manufacturing and business realities into the engineering curriculum. It integrates a practice-based curriculum and physical facilities for product realization. It began in January 1995 with ARPA/NSF funding as a National Labs. After 6 years,(More)