Jens Einsiedler

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In this paper we present an indoor micronavigation system for enclosed parking garages. It builds on car-to-infrastructure communication to provide layout information of the car park, the coordinates of the destination parking lot, as well as external positioning information to vehicles. In our approach we use customary network video cameras to detect and(More)
Hundreds of thousands of pedestrians are involved in severe traffic accidents every year world-wide. Reasons for these accidents include complex and highly dynamic traffic situations where views are obstructed or unexpected movement occurs. Driver assistance systems are a valid option for increasing pedestrian safety by enhancing the awareness of complex(More)
Modern multi-level indoor parking environments promise to alleviate the parking problems in modern cities but they are oftentimes stressful for human drivers. Increasing automation of the parking process has the potential for significant gains in efficiency, safety and comfort but requires highly accurate sensing and monitoring of the environment. Another(More)
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